Sonia Slonim


מאת: Sonia Slonim
דוא"ל: Sonia Slonim

We are from Australia and we found the details of 'Shorashim teud mishpachti" while searching the net preparing for our sons Bar Mitzvah. We wanted something unique to present to our family on this special occasion. From the moment we contacted Eli it was a pleasure to work with him. We were apprehensive about sending information accross the globe but there was not one time where I thought that the distance was an issue. Eli and his staff were very helpful and the culmination of six months work of collating all the information about our large families was a magnificent family tree. Each family member received an A3 size copy at the Bar Mitzvah, our relatives were awed with the enormity of the project and the beautiful presentation so beautifully put together by the wonderful team of Shorahsim teud-mishpachti. I would highly recommend this project to anyone whose family heritage is important to them. We ahve already disembarked on our next roots project. Malcolm and Sonia Slonim Melbourne, Australia

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